New version Introducing QuteList v1.0

QuteList is a simple and intuitive personal shopping / task / TODO / check list application for the Symbian/Nokia OS. It can be downloaded directly on your phone from Nokia store.

Posted by Stanimir Peev on 20th of November 2012

SnoozeMe v1.4 is alive in OVI Store

The latest version v1.4 of the Symbian alarm snooze application is alive. This time it is distributed via Nokia OVI Store.

Posted by Stanimir Peev on 25th of February 2011

Welcome is a site maintaned by Stanimir Peev. The name codsnip is abbreviation from coding snippets and it hints for the initial intent of this site: publishing small articles and pieces of code that I encounter during my own experience with software development.

In addition, this is also the homesite for some small projects that I develop on my own.

Hopefully you'll find something interesting for yourself here.

Posted by Stanimir Peev on 10th of August 2009